Appoval and Authorization

  • Environmental Clearance (EIA)Coastal
  • Regulatory Zone Clearance
  • State Pollution Control Board Consent
  • State Pollution Control Board Compliance

Environmental Management Plan

Preparation of environmental management plan is required to ensure that all necessary measures are identified and implemented in order to protect the environment and comply with environmental legislation during and after commissioning of projects. It indicates the details of various measures that are proposed to be taken including cost components. Cost of measures for environmental safeguards should be treated as an integral component of the project cost and environmental aspects should be taken into account at various stages of the project.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Olympia Eco Solutions Private Limited conducts Environmental Impact Assessment studies and prepares Environmental Management Plan (EIA & EMP) for all types of industrial and infrastructural activities such as Highways, Construction Projects (Housing Complex, Commercial Complex, Hotels and Resorts), Common Hazardous Waste treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities and so on.

Olympia Eco Solutions Private Limited offers a broad array of scientific, testing, engineering, and consulting services related to such environmental impact assessment. Impact assessment also is conducted as part of other regulated studies associated with historic clean-up sites through Superfund and other regulations. Our services are offered as both stand-alone and integrated, based on client and project needs.

Environmental Audit and Assessment

Olympia Eco Solutions Private Limited carries out Environmental Audit which is a systematic, documented, periodic and objective evaluation of an organization’s management system and processes designed to protect the environment. All our services are rendered in accordance with the guidance of experienced professionals as per the international quality standards.

Our major goal is to help our clients to comply with environmental, health and safety regulations and increase environmental awareness in their facilities which resulting in not only greener, it will also be more efficient and productive.